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Read About Our Law Firm Website Design Process: A to Z!

Almost anyone can build a website, but ApricotLaw has some of the sharpest designers and developers in ANY industry. We’re 100% focused on creating custom websites that provide a great user experience and are coded with law firm SEO best practices in mind.

NOTE: We do not use off-the-shelf themes, so you’re getting a 100% custom designed and hand-coded website to make a powerful first impression.

Beautiful, modern, custom-designed websites that look amazing and function smoothly on all of the most commonly used devices and browsers can improve conversion and increase your bottom line.

Examples of our work: PORTFOLIO

Let’s get launched! Website Design & Development Step-By-Step:

DESIGN CALL: To kick off this process we schedule a call with your designer, so they can get familiar with your firm’s branding vision and how you want your potential clients to see you online. Not a creative bone in your body? Leave it to us! We are happy to start from the ground up or build off of your existing branding. Before this call, the designer will send you a Website Questionnaire to gather information to help us get started. Please fill this out ahead of time as best as you can. We can iron out the details on the call if you have any questions.

PHOTOSHOOT: The first step in creating a captivating website is to get beautiful photos. After the design call we will scout your city for a photographer to meet you at your office, and get new pictures of your team. The photography fee is included in the cost of your website unless you use your own photographer, then you will be required to cover their fees. If you choose to use your own photographer, please provide us with their contact information, so we can facilitate scheduling the shoot. Your designer will provide the photographer with a comprehensive guide of the type of shots we will need. Please note that additional headshots of your staff may incur an additional fee depending on your photographer and the number of staff members you want included.

DESIGN PROCESS: Once we receive your photos we can get started on your design. This process consists of designing a unique layout, style, functionality, interactivity, and animation tailored to your branding and what will convert best based on your target audience.

Here is a little background on our process. Designing and building a website from scratch is much like building a new house. The blueprints are your “comps”. Much like an architect, the designer decides where everything goes on the website to the very last inch (although in this case, its pixels). The developer is the builder that brings the designs to life.

Your designer essentially draws out the plans for the website. The comp images they send to you for approval are just static (not interactive). The designer will send the comps with some annotations about functionality and animations where applicable. It is important that you give thorough attention to these comps and be sure that you are happy with the design before it is passed off to the developers.

Here is a list of the comps that you will need to review and approve of before we start coding:

Homepage Above The Fold (ATF)
Homepage Below The Fold (BTF)
Inner Page Designs (Standard page, blog archive, blog post, contact, about, bios, reviews, results).

Note on comp revisions:
You might love your comps at first glance and give us your approval, or you might want to make a few changes. We can make it perfect for you in 1 or 2 revisions. Additional revisions that involve swapping images, backgrounds, or colors will incur a fee.

DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: Once you approve the above comps, they’ll be passed on to the development team where they begin coding your website from scratch. The development phase is 2.5 – 3 weeks. You will not hear from us very much during this period, but we’ll be working hard to turn these designs into your new functioning website. Once the fully coded site has been thoroughly reviewed by the entire design/development department, we will send you a demo link to preview and give your final approval before we go live.

NOTE: Making revisions to your site design after we go into the development phase will incur an additional fee. Since we hand code our websites from scratch, it’s very costly and time-consuming to make changes, much like changing the layout of a home after it has already been built.

Website Responsiveness:
There are hundreds of different screen resolutions among today’s variety of web browsers & devices.

About 60% of your website traffic will come from Android & iOS powered smartphones (375×667). Desktop (1920×1080) is the next most common device, and laptops (1366×768) are third. Google Chrome is the most used browser across all devices. We also optimize for Firefox, Safari, and IE 10 and Edge.

With this data in mind, we develop your site to look perfect on these most common resolutions and strive to provide the best possible accessibility and user experience for the traffic our team works diligently to drive your way.

Every design and development project is different. Some websites have 1000s of pages to migrate, some law firm schedules prevent timely photo sessions, and some projects run perfectly without a hitch. In our experience, most websites launch in about six to ten weeks.

Design and Development Terms:
We want the design and development process of your new website to be as seamless as possible. Any snags in this crucial period will hurt your campaign and ultimately your bottom line. For this reason, we require that you provide us with only one decision-making point of contact from your firm.

If during the design phase we do not receive a reply with comments or revisions after seven days and several attempts to contact you, we will move on to other projects in our queue. Once we have your approval we will work you back into the design schedule but cannot guarantee that your timeline will be the same as when we started.

Once your designs have been approved, any major changes you request to be done to the design beyond the text content will incur a fee and set back our launch time.

There’s no extra charge for simple text updates.

Design and/or functionality updates and changes will incur a fee in addition to your monthly SEO fee. The amount is determined by the complexity of the project and will be agreed upon before the work is started.

As with any product in the material world, a website deteriorates with age and will from time to time need a tuneup. We’re fully staffed and capable to handle anything that could possibly go wrong online, however, some issues will incur a small fee.

For more questions, or to receive a website design quote, call 212-960-8584.