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Law Firm Websites Designed to Convert Visitors Into Leads

Almost anyone can build a website, but ApricotLaw has some of the sharpest designers and developers in the industry. The difference in law firm income from a state-of-the-art website compared to a site built by the average designer is staggering. Beautiful, modern, custom-designed websites that look amazing and function perfectly on all devices will make much more money for your law firm.




Mobile Law Firm Website Design, “Responsive” websites are old now.

All of our clients rank in the top of Google and get lots of traffic, so the last piece of the puzzle was to convert this traffic into calls and cases. We can clearly see that 60% of this organic traffic is coming from mobile searches, so the massive upgrade in mobile design caused the HUGE increase in conversion – pretty simple actually.

How is our SmartNav smart and help turn leads into long-term relationships with your prospects?
Our 1 Touch SmartPhone user interface opens your prospect’s native dialer, sms and email apps on both Android & iOS devices, plus we can implement a Touch to CHAT button for firm’s interested in using live chat services like nGage or Birdeye. When anyone touches their preferred method of communication button on their smartphone, your new SmartNav logs the data sent to your firm with your contact information in their sent folder for email, call and sms history.

Why is this beneficial?

It allows users to add to your firm to their Contacts in a simple touch.

A prospect uses their smartphone to search for “Car Accident Lawyer in _______ .” The prospect finds your firm’s listing in the search engine results and access your website. Not everyone memorizes the exact website address they visit regardless of the device they are using to access it. Additionally, how many users know that they could go into their phone’s browsing history to find a site they previously were on or even how to access the history screen from the context menu on their device?

When a prospect taps CALL, TEXT or EMAIL on their phone though, all three types of communication are logged in the corresponding app.

Smart, right?


Website Design and Development At A Glance

Above The Fold: The ATF section (the main image at the top of the website) is 100% custom with new photography, blurbs/slogans, call to action buttons, fonts and colors, custom design elements, trust badges, animations, menu stylings, and more.

Below The Fold: You get to choose one of eight different BTF models, and you can customize the colors, fonts, text, and images. 

Communication: We want the design and development process of your new website to be as seamless as possible. Any snags in this crucial period will hurt your campaign and ultimately your bottom line. For this reason, we require that you provide us with only one decision making point of contact from your firm.


Our Law Firm Website Development Process and Expectations

  • You’ll get a login credentials request email for hosting, WordPress, and domain registration. Please send us the requested information as soon as possible.
  • You’ll get a WPEngine link to set up your new website hosting (you’ll own this account and everything in it). Please create the account and send us the login credentials.
  • We schedule a photographer for a professional photoshoot. (The photoshoot needs to happen immediately.)
  • Content curation: we gather your content files, credibility indicators, trust badges, social profiles, and directory reviews from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Avvo, Super Lawyers, Yellowpages, Birdeye, and any other 5 star reviews you have.
  • We set up the demo/staging site on your new WPEngine hosting
  • Once we get your photos from the photographer, we design the “Above the Fold” comp and email it to you for feedback. We need you to review the comp on the day we send it, and give us the “OK”. If you want a revision, schedule a call with the designers immediately, so you can describe your requests. We’ll make the revision, and send it back to you for approval that same day.
  • You’ll get two ATF revisions during this design process. Additional ATF design revisions are $750 each. 
  • Once the ATF is approved, we’ll design the “Below the Fold” comp, and send it to you for feedback/approval. You’ll get two BTF revision during this design process. Additional BTF design revisions are $750 each. 
  • Any design requests that fall outside of the offered BTF models are considered “custom upgrades” and will be priced according to the design and development requirements.
  • We need approvals on both the AFT and BTF comps two weeks after receiving the photos from the photographer.
  • After receiving ATF and BTF comp approvals, the development team codes your new website using the approved comps. Coding a website takes 10 – 14 days. You will not hear from us very much during this period, but we’ll be working hard to turn these comps into your new website.
  • NOTE: We advise against making revisions to your site after we go into the development phase, because it’s like trying to change the floor plan of a building after the walls have gone up. It’s very costly and time consuming.
  • We create a page template for every single page:
    • Homepage
    • Internal page
    • Blog archive page
    • Blog post
    • Contact page
  • We optimize visibility on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile
  • We run a full cross browser test to gather reports on over 1500 combinations
  • Your site can be ready 50 days after we receive the photography. Before launching, we perform a final and rigorous test to make sure it looks great and works perfectly on all devices.

Expectations during the website design/build process: 
Communication is key when developing a website to suit the style and personality of a law firm, so you can expect to receive the best attention and care during this process. You can also expect to LOVE your new site on ALL devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Please call me if you have questions. 212-960-8584

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