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August 30, 2014

Top 3 Syracuse Law Firm Websites

A quick sketch of the top 3 law firms website online in Syracuse and the cracks in their strategies. Here we go:


PA: 34 (page authority out of 100)
DA: 23 (domain authority out of 100)

These authority numbers are about average. Out of the 1000s of law firm websites I’ve analyzed, most of the sites in Google’s top 10 are in the high 30s, mid-40s.

What makes a site climb in rank? There are 2 main components: 1. relavance and 2. authority.

The above site is ranked at the top of Google for the search phrase “Syracuse personal injury lawyer”, because they have some simple onsite SEO components in place (making them relevant) and a decent number of law related sites linking to them. (making them authoritative)

That being said, the site is not very strong at all, and seeing them in the top 3 tells me the competition is not very fierce.


PA: 36
DA: 25
916 backlinks coming from 63 referring domains. This is a low number of referring domains for this many backlinks (it’s better to have a larger number of referring domains), so I dug deeper to see where all of these backlinks are coming from.

What I found was they have 360 links coming from ??? Strange. Why would a football site link to a PI firm 360 times?

Besides these links being irrelevant in the eyes of Google, the domain authority of this site is only 12 out 100, so these 360 links are not very powerful at all.

Again, seeing this site in the top spots for this term is very promising for other law firms of all practice areas in Syracuse.

They also own and Both of these blogs have good content and decent backlinks, but judging by their exact match domains, they were meant to be ranking properties, not link juice properties. The reason they’re not ranking is because Google has been pushing EMDs out of the SERPs.

Here’s some info to help you understand the analysis:
A “backlink” is when another website links to yours. Every link counts as a vote in the eyes of Google, so sites with a healthy backlink profile dominate their market online.

Note: not all backinks are equal. Backlinks need to be relevant and authoritative. A website with 10 great backlinks can outrank a website with 500 average backlinks.

I chose Syracuse personal injury law firm websites for my analysis, but a backlink analysis is the same for criminal law, family law…any law specialty.

Websites with clean SEO and quality backlinks win online, always.


Out of 142 backlinks, 38 of them are coming from

I’m seeing a trend in upstate PI attorney backlink profiles having motorcycle club / biker website backlinks. It might help with the phrase “motorcycle accident lawyer”, but it’s sort of a long shot in my opinion. On top of that, the sites are not very powerful with DA ratings of only 19.

I found the actual backlink, it’s coming from their classified section:

Their onsite SEO is pretty basic, no real issues, nothing fancy.

Any law firm with some well-written original content, a tight funnel (SILO), and a few quality backlinks could jump above this site pretty easily.

Hope you enjoyed the analysis. Feel free to call me if you have questions. 212-960-8584

Tom Desmond – Co-Founder of ApricotLaw

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