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Proof and Reviews

Our goal has always been to be the very best online marketing company for law firms, and I believe we’ve reached this goal.

Testimonials are great – PROOF is even better.

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Here’s what some of our clients have been saying.

Many SEO experts come in and make you all sorts of promises, but at the end of the day, it comes down to results. And we’ve been very, very happy with the results with ApricotLaw. We’re number one and number two for the most competitive terms in our industry.

Rob Greenstein


When ApricotLaw showed me what they were going to do, it totally set them apart from the others. I felt good about them right from the beginning and have had a great relationship working with them along the way. They are really among the finest people I’ve worked with.

Oak Norton

Personal Injury Law Firm

I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with ApricotLaw. When I Google my keywords, I see my site towards the top of the results and sometimes multiple times on the first page. I’m getting calls and signing new clients every month as a direct result of their work.

Larry Brock

Family Lawyer

I’ve worked with several law firm SEO companies, but they simply did not deliver on their promises. ApricotLaw stepped in and pushed me into the top spots for the most competitive personal injury AND criminal defense keywords in Sacramento, California.

Hendrick Crowell

Personal Injury & Criminal Defense

Let me start by saying awesome job on everything so far. It looks likewe’re sticking on Page 1 for Miami Car Accident Lawyer, the website looks amazing, and the content is very impressive. I can confidently say that I have one of the nicest websites for a personal injury lawyer in South Florida.

Boris Lavent

Personal Injury Lawyer

I was doing great until a Google update. My rankings went from #3 to #83. My business was doomed until one day, I contacted ApricotLaw. Today, I rank extremely well for the keywords I requested. I would definitely recommend them to everyone except my competitors.

James Medows

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

We have seen a big uptick in the amount of calls/leads. I would estimate we received 5 calls last week and signed up 3 of those. Thank you, guys!

Nick Kohan

Personal Injury Lawyer

Our website was penalized by Google and nowhere to be found online. We hired ApricotLaw, they built us a brand-new site, and now we’re at the top for over 100 of our best keywords. The people at ApricotLaw are very sharp and a pleasure to work with.

Lonny Levitz

Personal Injury Lawyer

I would highly recommend ApricotLaw if you are an attorney in search of a top notch internet marketing firm. From website design to SEO to social media, Tom and Nick have assembled an incredible team of professionals that provide the whole package for law firms. In just under 8 months from the launch of my new website, I have seen incredible results in my rankings! I am in a very competitive market and I am now ranking on page 1 of Google for almost all of my key search terms. I had previously worked with two other SEO companies that made all types of promises. ApricotLaw is the only company that has provided me with a realistic plan for success and has consistently delivered real tangible results month after month. The best part about ApricotLaw is that their team is exclusive to you–they will not work with another attorney in your market!

Jeff C. Kennedy

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Tom and Nick have been top notch in providing web and seo services. I have seen significant movement in my SEO search results in just a few months. Super job and would highly recommend.

Nicholas Pothitakis

Workers Comp Lawyer

Outstanding company. I have worked with a number of marketing companies in the legal world over the last years, to include national and local companies. Apricot Law is really one of the best I have run across. They know their business and this market and are very courteous and responsive. I like the fact that they avoid conflicts of interest by working with just one firm per market. We are getting great results and the web site looks terrific! I am very pleased and highly recommend them.

Paul Colley

Personal Injury Lawyer

I have been working with Apricotlaw now for several years. We are one of the largest personal injury law firms in Massachusetts and we had been struggling with SEO with other vendors. Apricotlaw approached me unsolicited with a 20 minute video analyzing my site and showing me visually what was wrong with it and what could be done to improve our results. I got no pressure to contact them and I just loved their approach. They were giving me value with nothing attached. I then researched their clients’ (other law firms) websites and was blown away by them. They were ranking on the first page of the most important key phrases in huge cities like New York City. I figured if they could do it in NYC, then they could certainly do it in Boston. I signed on with them and have been nothing but thrilled with their work. The results they have achieved for my firm speak for themselves, but just as important for me has been the great communication they have. They are responsive always and clearly driven to have their clients number 1 in the search results. It is clear their employees love what they do and are passionate about it. These guys (and gals) are great and I wouldn’t look anywhere else…and their prices are very reasonable! This is the SEO agency to go to. If you want to dominate your market, give them a call.

Steven Schwartz

Personal Injury Law Firm

I have been using this company for 6 months now and could not be more happy with the product, service or outcome. Wonderful job they have exceeded my expectations.

Tim Mahoney

Personal Injury Lawyer

These guys do an awesome job! Highly recommend! Friendly, professional and good at what they do!

G Calahan

Personal Injury & Criminal Defense