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Lawyer SEO 

Lawyers often need a little help marketing their law firms, especially online. If you need assistance getting your law firm to rank, contact a lawyer search engine optimization (SEO) expert at ApricotLaw.

When you’re a busy lawyer, you don’t have extra time to spend worrying about marketing. You know marketing is important, but you probably trust others to handle your law firm’s marketing for you. But, what about internet marketing? Do you have someone handling search engine optimization (SEO) and other online marketing tasks?

Lawyer SEO can be a challenge to do well, especially in a competitive market. Trying to figure out SEO on your own could leave you exhausted, overworked, and still without a top ranking law firm website. Working with an SEO company can help you remain a successful lawyer and obtain a high-ranking website. It’s a win-win.

Understanding the Importance of Law Firm SEO

SEO is important if you hope to bring in more clients to your firm. Many people find lawyers online these days, and they often find their lawyers by starting with a simple internet search. 

Most people conduct their searches in Google or another search engine. Because Google and other search engines work by matching a searcher’s keywords to the enormous amount of data on the internet, it’s important to make sure you have some of those keywords on your website or landing pages.

Optimizing a site includes various strategies, but implementing keywords on a site is an important one. You need to figure out which keywords internet users are typing into Google in order to find lawyers. Then, you need to be sure to include relevant keywords on your web pages.

If you rank well on Google, you could bring in more clients for your firm. A Google user will type in those keywords, and your website will appear in the search results at the top of the page. The potential client will click on your site and, hopefully, call you for a consultation.

What Does a Law Firm SEO Company Do for You?

Your law firm SEO company will help you with all of the tasks required to get your site to the top. They can:

  • Write content for you that is optimized for search engines.
  • Perform keyword research to identify the best keywords for your firm in your area.
  • Build you a website that converts.
  • Obtain backlinks to build your site’s authority.
  • Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to help bring in leads while organic rankings rise.
  • Handle social media accounts on your behalf.
  • Help get your firm into top legal directories.

Contact a Lawyer Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Your lawyer SEO specialist does so much for you so that you can focus on your law firm and the needs of your clients. Learn more about how an SEO company can help bring in leads for your firm by talking with ApricotLaw. Dial 877-203-0751 or you can fill out the contact form on this page to take advantage of our offer of a free website analysis.