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PPC Management for Law Firms

If your law firm is looking for a way to maximize your business through online marketing, ApricotLaw is the choice for you. Our experience helping law firms win online will allow your firm’s Web presence to thrive, whether you need search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Your website will climb the organic rankings in Google through our powerful SEO, and your marketing will generate more leads due to our effective PPC management.

Most firms are familiar with SEO and its importance, but you may be wondering what PPC advertising is, how it works, and why it will benefit your law firm. Continue reading to learn more about how ApricotLaw approaches PPC and what a successful campaign could mean for your firm’s future.

NOTE: Law firm website design also plays a roll in converting traffic into leads.

What Is Pay-per-Click Advertising?

PPC advertising is a marketing strategy where advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked on by a user. The best thing about PPC advertising is that it allows your site to instantly be seen on the first page of popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo—even if you aren’t yet ranking high in the organic results.

It’s a much faster way to get your website’s pages seen, as SEO can take time to yield a return on your investment and organically drive traffic to your site. In fact, when Internet users search for law firms on the Web, they will most often click on the number one paid ad, as opposed to the top local results or even the number one organically ranking page.

Why Your Law Firm Should Utilize PPC Campaigns

There is nothing more frustrating than running an advertising campaign and not seeing the leads you were hoping for. At ApricotLaw, you’ll have a team of marketing professionals who have a complete understanding of what Internet users look for when choosing a lawyer, how the design of your website has an impact on their decision, and what steps need to be taken in order to generate new leads for your firm.

It should be noted that PPC isn’t as easy as just paying for the number one ad position on a search engine, however. Google, for example, uses an algorithm known as “Ad Rank” to place your ad in each search. Ad Rank considers your website’s quality score, your bid amount, and your ad formatting and extensions to determine where your ad is placed.

Our objective is to minimize the amount you pay per click while increasing your ad’s ranking so that you see the best return on your investment in the number of leads your PPC campaign generates.

Optimizing Your PPC Ads

The ultimate goal of both your website and your PPC ads is to convert visitors into leads that will in turn convert into cases for your law firm. Optimizing your PPC ads is one of the best ways for attorneys to see success, especially while you’re waiting for your SEO efforts to yield higher organic rankings. There are a number of techniques that ApricotLaw uses to get the best PPC results for our clients.

Using the Right Keywords

If you want your law firm’s PPC ads to successfully generate leads, they need to utilize AdWords matches. Using the keywords that are specific to your target market is the key to a successful PPC campaign. There are many different types of keyword campaigns you will have the option of running, including exact match, broad match, phrase match, and modified broad match.

An exact match keyword on AdWords will display your PPC ads to potential clients who search for your exact keyword or specified variations of the keyword. Alternatively, broad match allows your ad to be shown during searches that contain similar phrases, the keyword itself, variations of the keyword, and related searches.

The phrase match option will show your ads when someone searches for your exact phrase or similar variations of your keywords, while the modified broad match option will allow you to specify related keywords and their variations.

We can also utilize negative keywords, which will prevent your ads from being shown for certain phrases or keywords that aren’t relevant to your firm’s practice, thereby ensuring that your money isn’t wasted on leads that won’t convert into cases. Pruning negative keywords from a PPC campaign is essential to getting the best ROI.

Split Testing

Also known as A/B testing, split testing is one of the most effective optimization techniques for PPC ads. The idea is to try out different variations of the ad you want to run and use data to determine which ones are the most effective in generating leads. The ad variation that shows the best conversion rate is the one you want to use to maximize your PPC return.

Ad Extensions Can Drive More Visitors to Your Site

Google ad extensions can give your PPC ads the edge they need to be a huge success. These extensions can drive more visitors to your website, which will then generate more leads.

Many law firms run into an issue when trying to utilize ad extensions, as they are often not available to your firm unless you meet Google’s specified minimum Ad Rank. With ApricotLaw managing your PPC campaign, you can quickly maximize your Ad Rank score so that you can begin utilizing Google ad extensions and enjoying their benefits.

Tracking Your PPC Leads

If you are utilizing both SEO and PPC campaigns, knowing where your leads are coming from is imperative so that you can tell which form of advertising is the most successful for your law firm.

ApricotLaw will help you implement call tracking phone numbers, with one to be used in your PPC campaign and the other for your organic leads. This will help determine which PPC ads work, allowing us to improve the ones that aren’t yielding as many results or simply eliminate them from the campaign. One of our priorities with any PPC campaign is ensuring that your money isn’t wasted, with your investment only going toward the methods that yield the best PPC results.

What Is Geo-Targeting and How Does It Help Optimize PPC Ads?

Geo-targeting is a form of marketing that delivers specific ad types and content based on the location of the Web user. This can be as focused as the IP address of the individual or as broad as the country or state that the user is based in. It all depends on how specifically you want to target where your potential leads are coming from.

There is no use in having your ads seen by everyone on the Internet, as it’s unlikely that someone who needs a personal injury lawyer in Miami is going to select a law firm in Jacksonville, for example. With geo-targeting, you’ll be able to focus your PPC ads on specific towns, cities, counties, and states. It all depends on how broad you want your reach to be.

Evaluating Your Website Before Starting a PPC Campaign

Running a PPC campaign is not easy. Many attorneys and law firms who have tried them have seen immense monetary waste either because their website design and landing pages weren’t built for conversion or because their PPC ads were poorly managed.

Our PPC team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to evaluate a campaign’s potential for success by reviewing your website before you put money into PPC advertising so that you don’t waste a dime. If your website or landing pages aren’t ready to support a PPC campaign that is sure to generate leads, our design and content teams can help your site reach its full potential. In doing so, you’ll be able to utilize a PPC campaign that can successfully convert visitors into clients.

Get the Most out of Google AdWords

Far too many of your competitor law firms make use of Google AdWords and pay-per-click advertising for you not to include it in your law firm’s Internet marketing strategy. There are many potential clients you can reach through PPC—with the right campaign. By utilizing the right keywords, ad extensions, lead tracking, geo-targeting, and data analysis, your firm could be well on its way to obtaining leads through successful PPC campaigns.

Choose ApricotLaw’s PPC Management for Your Law Firm

At ApricotLaw, our team is all about helping your law firm acquire leads that convert into the cases you want. We can build upon your existing site or completely redesign it if it means that you’ll see an increase in the number of visitors your site is able attract and convert.

PPC management is a great option when you are patiently waiting for SEO to drive organic traffic to your site or to run in conjunction with an existing SEO strategy. We will make the most of your marketing budget so that your pay-per-click price is minimized and you’re able to run the kinds of campaigns that yield the best ROI.

If you are ready to launch your law firm PPC campaign or simply want more information about what PPC can do for you, reach out to ApricotLaw by giving us a call at 877-203-0751 or by filling out the contact form we’ve provided at the bottom of this page.