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April 18, 2016

5 Expert Marketing Tips for Law Firms You Can’t Afford to Ignore

We all know that Internet marketing is a necessity if you want to ensure that you’re getting your website in front of the right people and grow your practice, but it can be pretty overwhelming. People make full-time jobs out… Read More

September 2, 2015

What Does Hummingbird Have to Do with Law Firms?

Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, which they started using near the end of 2013, rearranged the way that the search engine delivered results. As an attorney, you want to attract Hummingbird. It’s good for your site – provided your site has what… Read More

August 20, 2015

How Does Google Handle lawyer Domains

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest buzz in SEO (who hasn’t?), you’ve probably heard about all the new generic top-level domains – especially the “.lawyer” one. What Are Generic Top-Level Domains? Top-level domains, or TLDs, are the three-character… Read More

August 19, 2015

Panda 4.2 Did it Affect Your Law Firm Website

Google rolled out their latest algorithm refresh, Panda 4.2, during the end of July – and it’s left many SEOs waiting for results. Representatives from Google suggested that it could take months for the rollout to wrap up, and in… Read More

August 18, 2015


Search engine optimization is a constantly evolving field, and every time Google or the other major search engines decide that they need to improve their users’ experiences, “experts” come up with all kinds of new tips and tricks. The real… Read More

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