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Why Hire Us For Law Firm SEO?

  • Cutting edge website design, functionality, and maintenance
  • Top-level content writing & law firm SEO
  • Proven high-power organic Google ranking
  • Direct communication speak with ApricotLaw department heads
  • World class full time employees - no outsourcing
  • Stress free: you can focus on your clients
  • Exclusivity: be the only firm in your territory
  • Full service: design, content writing, lawyer SEO, social media, ad retargeting, PPC
  • You own it all: your website, content, images, blogs, social media, directory listings, hosting, & domains
  • No commitment, cancel anytime

Law Firm SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the process at ApricotLaw?

Everything we do is tailored to the law firm’s needs. We take your online presence and monthly leads from where they are now to a place you never thought possible, and there’s a lot of moving parts involved in making that happen.

The first step of the attorney PPC and SEO process is getting to know you and your needs.

The second step is to analyze your law firm website versus the strength of your toughest competitors’ websites.

We’ll then have a crystal clear idea of what we need to get done each month, and you’ll get a proposal with all the details. We can promise you’ll get special attention even before you choose to hire us because we want to make sure we’re a perfect fit for each other.

How much do your monthly attorney SEO services cost?

The monthly SEO budget for a law firm needs to be right on the money. An underfunded campaign hurts results, and an overfunded campaign hurts ROI.

If you spend less than 8 percent of your law firm’s gross revenue on landing new clients, you may struggle to meet your revenue goals. If you spend more than 14 percent and don’t receive solid ROI, you’re probably not marketing wisely.

Monthly law firm SEO fees are determined by the current strength and health of your website and the competitiveness of your market. 

If you have tons of great content and decent on-page SEO, we can sharpen your site within a few months and focus on building authority moving forward. Your monthly fees will depend on how trusted and authoritative your site is compared to your top competitors.

If your website has good trust and authority metrics but lacks content and on-page SEO, we’ll need a budget that includes content marketing and link building.

At ApricotLaw, we’re prepared to work with monthly budgets that range from $4,500 to $40,000+.

Have any of your clients’ sites been penalized?

No. We’ve pulled many law firm websites out of penalties, but we haven’t had any of our clients’ sites penalized. That’s because we stick to the two basic ingredients: relevance and authority.

It all boils down to original content, clean on-page search engine optimization, and relevant and authoritative backlinks. Tailored and sharp PPC and a strong law firm social media campaign make it all work even better.

How is ApricotLaw different from other law firm SEO companies?

For ApricotLaw, organic Google ranking is a full-contact, competitive sport. We’re aggressive, we play hard, and we take winning seriously. Each team member is ultra-present with every aspect of your campaign. That way, you get exactly what you need to show the web you’re the authority in your market.

We only want one fantastic law firm per city, per specialty. When we sign a contract with you, our goal is to keep you on board with us forever.

Should I ask to see law firm website ranking proof?

Absolutely. Thousands of SEO companies out there will gladly take your money. Before handing over a penny, make sure they can show you top-three rankings from fifteen to twenty law firm clients in major cities for competitive keywords like car accident, DUI, and divorce lawyer. Ask for proof of the company’s skills in local SEO for law firms, too.

Want law firm SEO proof from ApricotLaw? Call us at 877-203-0751, and we’ll send you over twenty references.