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Why Hire Us For Law Firm SEO?

  • Cutting edge website design, functionality, and maintenance
  • Top-level content writing & law firm SEO
  • Proven high-power organic Google ranking
  • Direct communication speak with ApricotLaw department heads
  • World class full time employees - no outsourcing
  • Stress free: you can focus on your clients
  • Exclusivity: be the only firm in your territory
  • Full service: design, content writing, lawyer SEO, social media, ad retargeting, PPC
  • You own it all: your website, content, images, blogs, social media, directory listings, hosting, & domains
  • No commitment, cancel anytime

Law Firm SEO Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ‘beat’ and ‘outrank’ law firm websites in the top spots of Google?

You want your website to rank organically in the top three of Google for your best keywords. That’s where the best leads are. Right now, your competitors are probably taking those spots, so those are the sites you want to beat.

Law firm SEO and organic Google ranking are all about relevance and authority, so we want to provide better and more relevant information than your competitors. Then, we want to increase your trust and authority numbers to surpass theirs.

Before reading further, may I suggest you watch this short Competitive Legal Keyword Ranking Proof video? CLICK HERE

Did you watch that video?

Yes? Ok, let’s talk about website strength.

Website trust and authority, which is website strength, really is about the numbers. It’s pretty simple. Let us explain:

  1. There are tools that rate website trustworthiness and strength with a score from 1 to 100.
  2. The strongest and most trusted websites climb into the top spots.
  3. Website trust and strength come from backlinks.
  4. A backlink is a little text link on another website that points to your website.
  5. Good backlinks make you strong; bad backlinks make you weak. (Think of backlinks like your website’s nutrition.)
  6. Websites with a good monthly link building campaign will eventually climb to the top of Google and compete with the strongest law firm websites in the market.

Almost every law firm website we’ve analyzed can be outmuscled in about nine months.

What is on-page search engine optimization?

Everything we do on your website makes you “relevant” for your best search terms in the eyes of Google. In SEO, the term “relevance” describes the extent to which the content of your website’s page matches the search term used. That sounds simple, and it sort of is, but it requires a lot of planning and heavy lifting to show Google that your law firm’s website is the most relevant for the search and therefore worthy of the top position.

Every page of your website has to be built in a very specific way. In a nutshell, these elements are as follows: page titles, URL optimization and structure, clean H1 tags, carefully optimized H2 tags (H2 tags need the right “secondary keywords” and buzzwords), 2 to 3 percent keyword density, custom sidebars and menus, internal linking, and relevant outbound links.

Greater keyword research, content writing, and landing page creation optimized to attract your ideal clients is the backbone of your law firm SEO strategy. Publishing sharply optimized website pages built on the exact phrases your prospects are searching in Google will significantly increase your law firm’s revenue.

How much do your monthly services cost?

The monthly SEO budget needs to be right on the money—pun intended—because an underfunded campaign hurts results and an overfunded campaign hurts ROI.

Generally speaking, spend less than 8% of your law firm’s gross revenue on landing new clients and you’ll probably struggle to meet your new revenue goals. If you’re spending more than 14% and not getting a great ROI, you’re probably not marketing wisely.

Monthly law firm SEO fees are determined by the current strength and health of your website and the competitiveness of your market.

If you have tons of great content and decent on-page SEO, we can sharpen the entire site in thirty days and focus on building authority moving forward. Then, your fees will depend on how trusted and authoritative your site is compared to your top competitors.

If your website has good trust and authority metrics but lacks content and on-page SEO, we’ll need a budget that includes content marketing and link building.

Both situations require content and links (and social media and ad retargeting), but the degrees of each will vary, ultimately affecting the price.

At ApricotLaw, we’re prepared to work with monthly budgets that range from $4,500 to $40,000+. Further reading: Percentage of Law Firm Income Invested In Marketing and SEO

How long will it take to rank my law firm website?

The performance reports we send you will come from a third party software called Pro Rank Tracker. We’ve tested a number of these rank trackers, and PRT is the most accurate for telling us where you rank in Google.

We only track the terms that will deliver the best cases for your firm based on historical search data. There’s no benefit to adding thousands of search terms to the tool.

The data we send you in the first few months will not show mind-blowing site performance, however, it will show that we are making progress according to plan.

First, your site will get to page one for less competitive terms. These terms can bring in cases but are searched less often, in general.

Then your site will get into the top 10 for terms that are a bit more competitive and have a greater monthly search volume. These terms include the big practice areas that might be in smaller geographic locations. “Small City Car Accident Lawyer” is one example.

This is when we usually see movement in leads, too. Even if it’s a slight improvement, we expect the phones to start ringing now.

Our law firm SEO clients say there are small but noticeable improvements in business from organic search, which is confirmation of this expectation and it lets us know we were on the right track.

Lastly, usually after 6 – 9 months of steady optimization, your site will appear in the top 10 for the most coveted terms. Terms like “BIG City Car Accident Lawyer” fall into this category.

As long as these page one percentages continue to grow, the number of leads will also continue to improve. Our goal is to get at least 80% of your terms in the top 10 in the first 9 months.

You will undoubtedly receive unsolicited “ranking reports” from our competitors. Unfortunately, we don’t know of anyone that can essentially check our work without being biased. The best tool for you to use, though, would be Google Search Console.

You’ll have full access to GSC and can see for yourself if your relevant traffic is growing, and that is really the bottom line here.

Of course, we don’t expect you to spend your time checking rankings. You’ll receive a detailed analysis with your website ranking and traffic numbers every month.

ApricotLaw treats your website like a living organism. Law firms that have been with us for a year or more will testify to the benefits of a long-term relationship with us.

We’re happy to do a deep analysis of your website versus your toughest competitors and provide you with a proposal to win in your market. Just ask. Call 877-203-0751.

How do you increase law firm website conversion rates?

Millions of dollars have been spent researching what makes website visitors take action, and we read every report and paper we can find on this topic.

The following simplifies all of our research in a few bullet points:

  • Clean Law Firm Website Design – Have a great above the fold (ATF) header image, pleasing colors, and simple headline saying what you do, such as “Miami Personal Injury Lawyer.”
  • Build Trust – Showcase your badges, testimonials, credibility indicator blurb, and $$$ cases won above the fold.
  • Provide a Clear Call to Action – Display text telling your visitors what to do and what they’ll get, such as “Click HERE for a FREE Case Evaluation.”

That’s just the tip of the conversion iceberg. There’s also visual hierarchy, eye-tracking heat maps, button colors, step forms, A/B split testing, and more.

We obsess about conversion. We never stop thinking about it and coming up with new ways to improve conversion rates for our clients. Top rankings that ultimately convert into cases allow a law firm to grow and thrive—that’s how you win online. Read more about our law firm website design, click here.

Should I ask to see law firm website ranking proof?

Absolutely. Thousands of SEO companies out there would gladly take your money. Before handing over a penny, make sure they can show you top three rankings from fifteen to twenty law firm clients in major cities for competitive keywords like car accident, DUI, and divorce.

Click here to watch our 4 minute Competitive Legal Keyword Ranking Proof video.

Just call us at 877-203-0751, and we’ll send over 20+ references.

Have any of your clients’ sites been penalized?

No. We’ve pulled many law firm websites out of penalties, but we haven’t had one of our clients’ sites penalized. That’s because we stick to the two basic ingredients: relevance and authority.

It all boils down to great original content, clean on-page search engine optimization, and relevant and authoritative backlinks.

Why is ‘organic’ ranking better than PPC?

You really don’t want to pay $200 for one click with Google AdWords. You’ll burn through $40,000 in a weekend. Plus, your conversion rate will be much higher with organic ranking, because it’s not an advertisement. Organic ranking actually builds credibility with the prospect, because Google is choosing you over the other firms in the market.

Some of our clients invest $5,000 to $12,000 per month in our organic campaigns and get $300,000+ of lead-generating traffic.

This means they would have to spend twenty-five times more in AdWords to get the same traffic our lawyer SEO is providing organically.

How important is a law firm SEO keyword campaign for getting leads online?

Extremely important! A winning SEO keyword campaign is built on the phrases your best prospects are searching in Google.

We use a winning combination of competitive and fast ranking phrases.

For example:

“Miami car accident lawyer” is considered extremely competitive.
“How to prove negligence in texting while driving accident in Miami?” is fast ranking.

We’ve done the research and testing to compile lists of commonly searched keywords based on search volume, relevance, competition, click-through rate, and conversion, so you’ll get the keywords that have a history of success.

Our campaigns start with sixty proven keywords and increase over time. (“LOCATION car accident lawyer” is considered one keyword.) Some of our clients have over 500 keywords in their campaigns and over 95 percent of their search terms ranked in the top ten.

Note: Most phrases you want to rank for will require a dedicated landing page, but a properly built landing page will rank for many permutations of a given phrase and its synonyms. For example, a page optimized for “LOCATION car accident lawyer” should also rank for “auto accident attorney in LOCATION,” “car crash lawyer LOCATION,” “LOCATION attorney for car accident,” and so on.

What is a good backlink profile, and why do we need one?

Great link building profiles yield winning law firm websites. In any industry, whether you’re selling sneakers or washing machines online, the websites with the best link building profiles rank on top and get the most traffic.

The law firm websites with the best backlink profiles will win online, as long as the on-page elements are perfect, too. No exceptions.

The best backlinking profiles have trust flow ratings, society/law topical trust flow, website diversity, high relevance scores, high page authority, perfect anchor text ratio, and gradually increasing link velocity.

Is page load time important? How fast are your landing pages?

Yes, PageSpeed plays a small part in rankings. Google likes to promote pages that load quickly because doing so improves user experience, but a slowly loading page with great metrics (TF45+ / PA45+) will crush a fast page with weak metrics.

Because we code all of our websites by hand instead of using themes, our homepages load in 1.5 seconds and our internal pages load in 800 milliseconds. (That’s fast.)

What’s a good content marketing strategy?

Our law firm SEO ranking protocols aim to place you in the top three for high-traffic search phrases, so you can benefit by having a constantly growing set of prospect entry and conversion points online.

Greater Keyword Research, Content Writing, and Landing Page Creation optimized to attract your ideal clients is the backbone of this online marketing strategy.

We publish content on your website until your best keywords are represented by a high-quality landing page. Once we reach this point (to be completed by month three of SEO or earlier), we cut back to two-three pages/blog posts per month, so your budget can be focused on getting the most relevant and authoritative links at our disposal. These high power links are what move the needle in Google organic ranking, so we want to reallocate your budget to links as soon as possible.

Another reason for this content strategy is that websites with too many pages confuse Google’s RankBrain, so having the site get too large can actually work against us.

Our legal writers are the best in the business. We don’t do freelancers. In the SEO world, freelancers are a cheap and easy go-to option, but we have full-time staff writers that are trained experts in legal content writing.

The content we produce for you is going to be great. It’s well-written, it’s accurate, it’s perfectly optimized, and it’s primed to get results.

You’ll receive a full publishing report every month from our Client Success Manager and SEO Analyst.

Our Edit Policy
If you happen to find a mistake in the content we produced, simply send us an email explaining the issue, and we’ll make the correction immediately.

We can speak on this subject for days! If you have a few minutes, click here to read about our approach: Law Firm Content Writing

How do you fix my website’s current issues?

Our law firm website SEO overhaul goes way deeper than simply changing meta tags and titles. Google has rules and coding it likes to see in websites that go beyond what users see on the page. With a checklist of over thirty items, our technical SEO go through your website to re-optimize pages to suit your keyword list.

Attention to detail is critical during the SEO overhaul—and so is one special ingredient we happen to have a lot of: the desire to win online.

Should I trust those spam SEO emails telling me my site is horrible?

Although they pop your domain name in the subject line, the truth is most of these emails are sent in bulk, and the “law firm SEO expert” never actually looked at your website. We suggest forwarding these emails to us, so we can see whether there’s any validity to their claims. It can’t hurt to look.

Note: Having great communication with your SEO provider will curb the anxiety these spammy attempts can cause.

How is ApricotLaw different from other law firm SEO companies?

For ApricotLaw, organic Google ranking is a full-contact, competitive sport. We’re aggressive, we play hard, and we take winning very seriously. Each team (design, ranking, and promotion) is ultra-present with every aspect of your campaign. That way, you get exactly what you need the moment you need it to show the web you are the authority in your market.

We only want one fantastic law firm per city per specialty. When we sign a contract with you, our goal is to keep you on board with us forever.

What are the main ingredients in Internet marketing for law firms?

We’d say law firm Internet marketing boils down to people, process, and performance. You need great people and smart processes, and everyone must perform.

There’s also the underlying 20 percent art, 30 percent science, 30 percent hard work, 10 percent resources, and 10 percent reporting and client communication.


Your website has to get that knee-jerk reaction from your visitors and persuade them to take action and call you. That is art. Art is in the design and the content writing.


Your website has to be more trustworthy and authoritative than your direct competitors’ sites. Organic rankings come down to numbers: trust flow, topical trust flow, page authority, anchor text ratio, link velocity, and countless other measurements.

Hard Work

It takes a perfectly tuned group of people to drive a winning campaign. Everyone on the team has an important role, and things have to get done right and on time. Internally, we have all kinds of words that mean “play hard.” One of them is “RAGE!!!!”


Who you know plays a part in online marketing, too. We build excellent business relationships with key players in the market and pass the benefits on to you.

Client Communication

You want to know what’s getting done, its effects, the strategy moving forward, and our expectations. Plus, the more we learn about you, the better we can understand and meet your goals. We learn something new on every client phone call, and these little nuggets of information go straight into your SEO campaign.

What’s your process?

This is a pretty hard question to answer in a few paragraphs because everything we do is tailored to the law firm’s needs.

We have to take your online presence and monthly leads from where they are now to a place you never thought possible, and there’s a lot of moving parts involved in making that happen:

  • The first step of the process is getting to know you and your needs. (Call us.)
  • The second step is to do a deep analysis of your website versus the strength of your toughest competitors’ websites.

At that point, we’ll have a crystal clear idea of what we’ll need to get done each month, and you’ll get a proposal with all the details.

We can promise you’ll get a ton of special attention even before you choose to hire us, because we want to make sure we’re a perfect fit for each other.

How do you handle legal directory listings?

We have a dedicated full-time employee to clean up all of your top-tier legal directory listings: Justia, FindLaw, Martindale-Hubbell, Avvo, HG, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates, BBB, Super Lawyers, LexisNexis, National Trial Lawyers, and a few others.

On top of that, you get more than thirty-five additional legal directory profiles on properties that have fantastic metrics. Most of this work gets done in the first couple of months of engagement.

What’s the best approach to law firm website design?

We are very proud of our designers and developers and feel they are the best in any industry.

Our law firm website designs are really the backbone of our clients’ high conversion rates. We’re always growing, getting faster, getting better, and having more fun!

For step-by-step details on how we take a website from concept to launch, click here: Law Firm Website Design

Who will be my main contact for tracking and reporting?

Lack of transparency and poor communication have been problems in the law firm SEO industry since the beginning.

Some companies grab your money and run.

Some companies actually do some of the work but leave you in the dark.

Some companies have their sales reps try to sell you more services.

The obvious solution—and what’s best for you—is to have a high-level SEO stay in constant communication with you via strategy and feedback phone calls, video updates, and reports.

Kellen Bachman was a website analyst with us for a while, so when he expressed an interest in being in direct communication with our clients, we moved him into that position.

“Market/website analyst” to “client success manager” is the perfect evolution for Kellen. He knows law firm SEO and the legal market as well as anyone, and he has his finger on the pulse of every detail of your campaign.

Our communication strategy benefits you in three ways:

  1. Kellen will be your sounding board. We want to get your feedback (and complaints) so we can make adjustments and exceed your expectations.
  2. He’ll provide complete transparency by walking you through the details of the work of the month and the effects it had.
  3. He’ll describe the strategy for the coming month and what improvements we expect to see.

This improvement does not close the door of communication with the owners of ApricotLaw or anyone else on the team. We’re all available for you, too!

Who will write my law firm website content?

We started our first year in business using swarms of independent contractors to write our content. It worked, but since we evolved into a company of all full-time employees, the quality and results have gone through the roof.

ApricotLaw law firm content writers have created thousands of pages on attorney websites that rank and convert visitors into leads. We’re very excited to have the best and most experienced writers in the industry—experts in writing for law firm websites who are trained in SEO and conversion strategies.

What’s the ApricotLaw company structure? Do you outsource anything?

95% of the people that do any work for ApricotLaw are full-time employees with full benefits.

We outsource only two jobs:
1. We find local professional photographers to capture high level photography, and these folks are independent contractors.
2. We have one virtual assistant that handles some repetitive copy/paste type tasks.

Everything else is done in-house: design, development, programming, IT, content writing, publishing, SEO, link building, directory profile building, social media, ad retargeting, results tracking, analysis, strategic planning, and reporting.

You want the white-glove treatment from full-time law firm SEO experts, and we give it to you.

Who owns ApricotLaw? Do you have investors?

Tom Desmond and Nick Kringas own and work for ApricotLaw. We do not have investors. Your marketing budget goes to paying an excellent group of people to get the work done properly, not some group of investors.

We have an amazing team of writers, lawyer SEO experts (an SEO expert is someone who studies, tests, and bases their self-worth on their ranking reports, because they absolutely love and are obsessed with SEO), designers, and developers. Tom, Nick, and the team live and breathe law firm SEO and websites.

What DANGER SIGNS should I be aware of in the legal marketing and SEO industry?

Scare tactics! Avoid companies that try to scare you into hiring them. They’ll say that SEO companies are bad, backlinks are scary, you’re going to get into big trouble, etc.

The best way to cut through all the crap is to ask for proof, references, and exclusivity.

SOLID PROOF: Do not even spend 2 minutes listening to or reading a blog post written by someone who cannot show you top 3 rankings for competitive terms in 20 different major cities.

REFERENCES: Get a list of ten references and call at least 5.

EXCLUSIVITY: Make sure you’ll be the one and only law firm in your location and legal specialty.

There, problem solved.

What’s the best and fastest way to become an educated SEO consumer?

1. Learn the lingo: relevance, authority, trust flow, topical trust flow, page authority, title tags, H1 and H2 tags, meta descriptions, landing pages, keyword density, internal linking, relevant outbound links, custom menus and sidebars, anchor text ratio, link velocity, and link diversity.

2. Poke around in the free versions of these tools and compare to your website metrics to your local competitors, and see what backlink numbers you need to beat them. Majestic, Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMRush

Is it important for my SEO expert to be an attorney?

There’s no advantage. It’s true that the content published on your site needs to follow a few simple guidelines, but you do not need to be an attorney to follow them.

What you do need is great writers, great designers, cutting edge developers, and a killer leadership team.

Again, just ask for ranking proof, references, and exclusivity and you’ll be fine.

Is there an automated SEO-friendly or drag and drop system out there I can use to minimize costs?

Shortcuts, automated systems, and/or anything that isn’t “handmade” is a bad idea. There’s tons of tricks for getting things done quickly and cheaply, but using them or hiring companies that use them will kill your rankings and your brand.

Google is too smart to be fooled by tricks. Your internet marketing absolutely must be custom and handmade by skilled professionals.